Limitless bracelets

"I create every piece of jewelry to inspire the woman who wears it to feel what she really is: powerful, fierce and LIMITLESS!"

xo, Ashley Johns

The fierce forward girl


She moves forward with a powerful, heartfelt intensity. She's a mover, a shaker, a freakin rule breaker. She marches to the beat of her own drum and what others say doesn't matter, this girl goes her own way. A feeler...deep, sensitive, mysterious, badass and all the colors of the rainbow. She shows up big, bold and fearless in the face of her fears. She knows her growth comes from her challenges and so she goes into them head first, ready for it all. She knows it's not hard work, it's heart work. So she stands in her power, walks forward in her truth and fiercely moves into every dream she was sent here to make true. She lifts women up, takes them by the hand and smiles as they rise as one. She is a warrior, she fights for what matters most to her. She dances her dance and sings her song, sharing her light in every corner of the world. She is fierce, wild, honest, true. She is you. 

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Join our private VIP Facebook group! We're a group of movers and shakers who share our stories, set goals and monthly intentions, rock our jewelry daily, uplift one another and keep it all real. There's mothers & daughters, bf's, sisters, women in their 20's, women in their 60's. Fierce isn't an age, a look or a title. It's an attitude, a desire to grow and move forward & the badassery within each of us. We welcome you home!

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