how fierce forward began

the beginning

On New Years Eve 2008, I wasn't able to fit into a single pair of pants. I was overweight, unhappy and a zombie to life. I realized that I didn't like who I was being in my life and knew that if I wanted something to change, it would need to start with me. I decided that I wanted to become my most powerful self and live my most powerful life because that's something I could be proud of. I started with health and fitness! I lost 40 pounds and became a spokesmodel for Over time, I felt so passionate about this new lifestyle I created for myself that I wanted to help others realize they could change their life too and I started a facebook page to help people change their mind, make health their priority and know that they are limitless. 

I started a facebook page

helping others

For a year, I spent my spare time helping others think, feel and live differently! I found my passion in helping others and I had never had more fun in my entire life! Over time, I built a community of people who were fiercely committed to their health and fitness.

the launch of the bracelets

a tool to help you

During the "rise of me" I discovered just how hard it was to keep Fiercing Forward. Roadblocks and challenges would try to knock me down and I realized just how important it was to always have a reminder of my Why. I spent a year creating a tool that I wanted to not only help me in my journey, but help the people I spoke to everyday, the people out there trying to move forward in their lives! In 2012, I launched the Fierce Forward Intention Bracelets! I had no idea or expectations of how it would go, just that I created the Limitless Collection as the 7 steps to any goal, inspired by my own personal journey. I got emails from people around the world saying the bracelets help them move forward in their life and think differently. It seemed surreal how lucky I was to be able to love what I did & help people at the same time.

Building a Community

Fierce Forward Goes Global

The year after launching the bracelets, Fierce Forward became an official business! I continued to build community and help people with their forward movement by health, fitness & mindset Coaching. I started an Ambassadorship program, led my first Retreat and hosted a private facebook group for women to connect with other like-minded women who would support and lift each other up along their way, something I didn't have on my own journey! 

Fierce Forward Takes a turn

letting go to move forward

It was this year that Facebook changed its algorithm. I focused my attention on the Facebook group instead. At the same time, being a entrepreneur was something I couldn't have ever prepared for and as I put my whole self into my passion I slowly lost focus on my goals. And slowly but surely, I faded. Through a very personal challenge, it became even more personal as I watched people within my community replicate the bracelets, use the group as a platform for their products and services and tell me that I wasn't needed any longer. In the midst of my getting lost, Fierce Forward became redefined by others within the group and over time, the message got lost too. I found myself back where I began and knew I needed to slip my courage bracelet on and follow my heart. 

The phoenix

the phoenix

In 2016, I got really honest with myself about what had happened and what needed to happen next. I traveled to Africa to meet the women who make the Trade Beads that are a big part of the Intention Bracelets and went on an Eat, Pray, Love journey to find myself again. I wondered how starting something for others could have led me here, not sure if I wanted to keep helping others. That was the pain of being hurt talking. I wasn't even sure what Fierce Forward was about anymore. All because I wasn't sure who 'I' was anymore. I lost my health, my trust in women, my purpose, my direction. I knew I was doing the right thing but it was also the hardest thing I ever had to do...let go of something that was no longer right and true for me. To let go of something I couldn't save and still, try to Fierce Forward through it all.

The rise of the phoenix


It took time, patience and alot of heart. It was in the losing of my direction that I found my way. I came full circle back to the beginning. And it all came back to me. I learned that challenges, roadblocks and failure is just as much a part of moving forward as achievement, empowerment and success are. It all matters and I'm grateful for it all because of the lessons and who I've become along the way. I know now more fiercely than ever who I am and what my Fierce Forward movement means to me. I know where I'm going because of where I came from. I have learned so much along the path of life and want to thank everyone who was a part of this journey that's taught me how to truly Fierce Forward for life! And now, it's your turn to Fierce Forward! I'm Ashley! I'm here, I'm ready and I'm so passionate about helping YOU find your Fierce Forward path for life. Let's do this!