Wonder Woman Armor

$ 35.00

You are forever the heroine of your own life, of your own legend. ~Wonder Woman Armor

Wonder woman is not a fictional character, wonder woman is a mindset. We all have an inner superhero and we can draw on her at anytime. She is our heart, our soul and strength.

She is fierce. She fights for herself and others. She is courageous. She is strength and grace. She is power. She is wonder woman.

The Wonder Woman Armor is handmade using yellow, orange, red and blue White Heart African Trade Beads, Citrine gemstone and a single ancient sterling silver amulet from Ethiopia. The amulet is BEAUTIFUL!

We work hard to ensure your armor gets created and sent out within 7 'business' days from your order. This does not include 2-4 business shipping days. All orders are shipped USPS First Class Mail. International orders cannot be tracked.

Please be mindful when wearing Armor as it is handmade. No refunds.