Tribe Armor

$ 47.00

Fierce Forward began with a single journey of moving fiercely forward, to living my fiercest life. Over time, a Tribe of women blossomed out of the Movement and they began to connect and support one another as they each moved fiercely forward, in their own lives. Every day, you wake up and choose to be your fiercest self and live your fiercest life and you do it knowing you are not alone. This is a Spirit Tribe!

Wear your Tribe Armor to remind you that you are not alone, that you have a Tribe, a place where you belong. Let it remind you that while each of us is powerful on our own, together, we are a force of light, love and fierceness and we can be good to one another as women. You, her, she, we...we all belong to this Tribe and this is your Tribe Armor.

Inspiration behind the Armor:

YOU. You inspired me to create this Tribe Armor, that is a wrap handmade using Rosewood beads, African Trade Beads encompassing the charm Spirit, a single Turquoise stone to represent a Tribe of women that knows no bounds and two hand painted Peruvian beads that represent you and her. Always be fiercely you and honor every single woman. Be happy for her, lift her up, tell her she's beautiful and link arms knowing you are in this together. Fierce Forward together.

The Spirit charm hangs from the wrap to remind you to be fiercely you, that that is what makes you younique and essential to this tribe! Together, we come together as a Spirit Tribe.

*You can put essential oils on the rosewood beads, as they are porous. You will also notice a beautiful rosy fragrance on the beads which will wear over time due to oils in skin. Take essential oils and rub a little on any of the wood beads.

You will receive a burlap bag and intention cards for Spirit & Sisterhood. Please allow 7-10 business days for production of handmade armor.