The Positivity Stack

$ 77


Moonstone is a stone that cleanses the mind of negative emotions holding you back.

Quartz is the power stone and is the master healer. From ancient to present time, quartz has been used as a source of Light to mankind.

THE POSITIVITY STACK:  I'm on a mission. I'm creating the fiercest, most badass vision for my life! I know what I want. I not only see it, I feel it...I believe it! Nothing can or will stop me, not even my own self. I'm putting my whole heart into it and radiating from my deepest source of light and love. I'm creating this new world for myself. It's possible because I am. I am limitless! Thought become things and my thoughts are fierce, positive and full of love.



  • Handmade
  • Rainbow clear bracelet: 8mm matte quartz & 15mm faceted quartz gemstone
  • Pink bracelet: 8mm agate gemstone beads
  • White bracelet: 10mm african trade beads with a single 8mm moonstone bead
  • Stainless steel double sided charm that says "Thoughts Become Things"
  • Silver plated jump ring

Take a loose tape measure and wrap around your wrist. Keep in mind that if you plan to wear several pieces at a time you may want to pick a size up for the ones that will be worn higher on your arm.    

Bracelets for women
small: 6.0" or smaller (very petite wrists)
medium: measures 6.5-7" (average woman's wrist size)
large: measures 7.5"+
Necklaces for women
medium: 18" hits below collar bone
large: 20" hits at chest

Bracelets for men
small: 7.5" or smaller
medium: 8" (average men's wrist size)
large: 8.5"+
Size Exchange Policy: In cases where you measure your wrist and receive your bracelets but decide you like them to fit tighter or looser, we are happy to exchange sizes for you provided you ship brand new bracelets back to Fierce Forward and include $5 to cover shipping back to you. Please email us first.


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