The Phoenix Collection

$ 160.00

This Collection embodies letting go of what no longer is our essence so that we can become who we really are. It is a Transformational Journey that literally takes you step by step, through the rising of the Phoenix. We have all embodied the legend of the Phoenix at some time or other in our lives and you can use her journey as a Roadmap when you find yourself holding on to something that no longer feels right, when you find fighting the old and when you want real transformation.

The 5 steps in the Journey of you becoming your own Phoenix are in this exact order:

1. The Fire: One day I set fire to everything I thought I was. I burned all of my masks to put on my soul.

2. Awaken: I see now that the path isn't onward or upward, it is inward.

3. Surrender: It is no longer about gathering things, as much as letting them go. And the only thing more to aspire to, is the truth of who I really am.

4. Rise: I used to run from things and now, like a thousand jet planes shooting into the sky, I rise from them.

5. Phoenix: With these wild wings and a heart on fire, I am the heroine of my own legend. I soar high in the sky as I breathe. I am the fire.

Definitions created by Ashley Johns, inspired by the Legend of the Phoenix

I was inspired to create this Collection by a time in my journey where I was feeling on a very deep level that relationships, spaces in my life and beliefs were no longer serving me. I kept resisting because of fear. Fear of what people would think, how it would effect others, resistance from others. I learned my choice and the resistance I was feeling had nothing to do with me and what I wanted, and everything to do with everyone else.  I wasn't being authentic and I wasn't following my heart and that being out of balance in my life shook my world up like shaking the ocean would shake ours up. I knew that I had to do what I feared so that I could find me again, which meant letting go, encountering resistance from my choice, being truthful with grace and still, knowing I would encounter resistance. But what I really needed to do, was burn the part of me that cared about the people who truly did not care about me. I knew when I did that, I would truly be on the path to liberation station. I did it and I awoke and encountered resistance and I also found my strength in not yielding when the fire blazed but instead, feeling the fire and feeling it burn within me as my heart started beating again. I realized in this moment that the journey isn't about what's around us as much as it is, what's within us. That, if I can always come home to my center and know who I am, then I can rise and be my authentic self. Then came Surrender. The resistance I felt to this shift in my self through my choices and actions started drumming louder and harder and it was really then that I had to channel this awakening and go inward to my center to trust my self and continue on. So then I rose. I literally started rising from the ashes of my own demise and you know what, I didn't run from the pushback, I rose from it. Oh how I used to run. And then, I reached a point where it got really quiet and I knew that I was soaring. I had become my Phoenix and I'm here and everything that reasoned this transformation, this burning to in the fire. I am love and now, I soar.
While this was the spark that ignited my Phoenix journey, I will keep using this as a roadmap for letting go to become. You are me and I am you. We are one and we can use this to fierce forward when we feel stuck, when we need a guide and when we are ready. Life is evolution, change and growth and when you can move with this truth, you soar. This is YOUR Roadmap for Transformation and it's fierce and always here for you.

Please be mindful while wearing your Armor as it is handmade and stones and beads can break. All Armor is double stranded with a high quality, flexible chording and quadruple knotted.

Fierce Forward does not offer returns or exchanges. Fierce Forward is not responsible for broken, snagged, stretched or cracked armor, which can occur if dropped, pulled, caught on or banged. We believe in the quality of our product and if you treat your armor kindly and mindfully, it will have a long life!