Surrender Armor

$ 33.00

It is no longer about gathering things

as much as letting them go.

And the only thing more to aspire to,

is the truth

of who I really am.

The 5 steps in the Journey of you becoming your own Phoenix are in this exact order:

1. The Fire: One day I set fire to everything I thought I was. I burned all of my masks to put on my soul.

2. Awaken: I see now that the path isn't onward or upward, it is inward.

3. Surrender: It is no longer about gathering things, as much as letting them go. And the only thing more to aspire to, is the truth of who I really am.

4. Rise: I used to run from things and now, like a thousand jet planes shooting into the sky, I rise from them.

5. Phoenix: With these wild wings and a heart on fire, I am the heroine of my own legend. I soar high in the sky as I breathe. I am the fire.

Definitions created by Ashley Johns, inspired by the Legend of the Phoenix

Surrender Armor is made using handmade and handdyed African Trade beads (10mm), a single very old African Trade glass bead (will be foggy and range in size due to one of a kind nature) and a brass saucer trade bead. The Phoenix Collection charms are now thicker than any other charm, a goal of mine for the past year! You will receive a cardstock thickness intention card with your The Fire Armor.

Magic worth knowing: The half moon or crescent symbol (the charm) was designed to represent a Phoenix spreading its wings. 

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Please be mindful while wearing your Armor as it is handmade and stones and beads can break. Because many of the beads are hand dyed and created using natural materials, to prevent wear, do not sweat in your armor or wear them in water. All Armor is double stranded with a high quality, flexible chording and quadruple knotted.

Fierce Forward does not offer returns or exchanges. Fierce Forward is not responsible for broken, snagged, stretched or cracked armor, which can occur if dropped, pulled, caught on or banged. We believe in the quality of our product and if you treat your armor kindly and mindfully, it will have a long life!