$ 17.00

Ahhh, mantras! Mantras are intentions that keep you focused and connected to that which you want, desire and are moving forward towards. These are mini mantras that are a quick read with a big intention! However you choose to use these Mini Mantra Cards, they are a small reminder of what it means to Fierce Forward, to know that You're Dope AF (you are!), to Dream Big, to use your Anti-Bad Vibe Shield, to Trust Your Guts, to Treat Yo Self and many more that are included. I created these Mini Mantra Cards that can be used for any of the following:
1. As Mini Mantra Cards on days and in moments you need them! Pull out the card at random each morning and let it guide you. You may have needed to hear that wisdom from the Fierce Universe.
2. It doubles as a postcard! Turn it around when you feel it has served its purpose for you in your Life and spread it to another Sister, best friend or someone who could use that intention.
3. Use as wall art. See photo
You receive 10 Mini Mantra Cards that are pictured and may use them for any of the ways you choose, they are multifaceted and ready to give you your daily pat on the back in the Fierce Forward direction!