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Austin, Texas

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Heartwork Mala

$ 108.00
Heartwork Mala.
Inspired by the space between, I created this mala for the girl who desires to walk forward in abundance with a powerful, heartfelt intensity. 

It's ok to start over,
to be a beginner, 
to be the underdog, 
to not be 'there' yet.

In this space is where we find our grit.
Where we find what we're made of
and how bad we're willing to work 
for what matters to us.

It's where you move quietly
on your own, within yourself
to believe, rally, persevere
and fight for what you want.

Embrace where you're at.
Start over,
Be an underdog, 
Reinvent yourself,
Don't be there yet, be where you're at!

Embrace the space
between yesterday & tomorrow.
Stand firm in where you're at
and keep moving forward with your whole heart. 

This is your heartwork.

D E T A I L S:

  • Handmade using 108 beads
  • 2 Tiger's Eye gemstone marker beads
  • 1 Rhodocrosite gemstone guru bead
  • 8mm natural, raw Sandalwood beads
  • 1 nude tusk pendant encased in sterling silver
  • Charm is stainless steel and says Fierce Forward   
  • Silver plated jump ring

L E N G T H: 33.5"

G E M S T O N E + B E A D S:

Rhodocrosite  is mentally enlivening, stimulating one’s creativity, dream states and sense of personal power. The frequency of this gemstone is surrounded by vibrant energies embued with the golden sphere of Light, healing the heart chakra. Wear your Heartwork Mala and remember to embrace the space between, this space called Life. This is your heartwork.
Mala's created with intention & love by Ashley Johns