Grace Armor

$ 33.00

Grace: The most beautiful form of living from your Spirit. It is letting go when you want to hold on tight, rolling with it when you want to fight it and holding your head up and moving fiercely forward when you do not want to. You do it with Grace because that is living from your Spirit.

Grace is handmade using 8mm nude African Trade Beads, a brass Trade bead and mauve pink hand-dyed Acai beads (these hand-dyed beads will fade with wear). The charm is made using stainless steel. Armor comes tucked in a small bag with a thick intention card to keep with you.

Please be mindful while wearing your Armor as it is handmade and stones and beads can break. All Armor is double stranded with a high quality, flexible chording and quadruple knotted.

Fierce Forward does not offer returns or exchanges. We believe in the quality of our product and if you treat your armor kindly and mindfully, it will have a long life.