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Fierce Vision/Gratitude Journal

The Fierce Forward Vision Boards have combined with a journal!  The 2015 Positivity & Gratitude Challenges have become a tool that allows us to focus on Fiercing Forward with a fierce attitude and doing that by practicing and giving thanks. The Fierce Journal can be a gratitude journal, a positivity journal or a journal for writing your goals and visions! Keep near you at all times by putting it in your purse, on your night stand, on your desk or in your planner.

Ways to use your Fierce Journal:

  • Vision Journal to put all your 2016 goals, visions and ideas
  • Gratitude Journal: write 3 things you are thankful for each day in it and look to it every day to practice thanks in your Life!
  • Positivity Journal: when you have a negative thought, write it's opposing thought down and refer to it to see the shifts that you are creating for yourself
  • Bucket List and action steps Journal: write your bucket list on front pages and keep room to add to it, then begin a page for each bucket list item you are working on this year and the action steps to Fierce Forward towards it, then check off each action step and watch the growth in front of your eyes!

Journal Specs:

--->Printed on newspaper style blank paper. 40 pages total, machine sewn

--->Journal may be 3x4 rectangular or 4x4 square depending on which journal you choose

--->Artwork designed and created by Ashley Johns, founder of Fierce Forward


Size Guide

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medium: measures 6.5-7" (average woman's wrist size)
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