Exclusive & Limited Edition Spirit of Africa Collection

$ 77.00

This Collection represents taking one big leap forward into the unknown. To trust what you cannot yet see and to embrace the call of your Spirit to move fiercely forward. When you select your size, claim what this armor will mean to you in your Fierce Forward movement!

This Collection was inspired by the people of Ghana. This is where the Armor originated, by the intention use beads that support something greater. Similar to the intention behind the armor: it's more than just a bracelet, it's Armor. It genuinely represents the message behind this collection, Ghana and the people who handmade these beads.

This Limited Edition Collection Includes:

Three pieces of Armor, handcrafted and designed using the African Trade Beads I hand picked at the Market in Ghana. Charms are Fierce + Spirit, with one bracelet that is without charm. This Collection includes all three pieces of armor pictured (please note some beads will vary due to all being unique beads at the market, however overall the design will look very similar to pictured). Please treat all of your armor like you would fine jewelry as all are handmade by glass. For this reason, Fierce Forward does not offer returns.

You will receive intention cards and a burlap sack!

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