Badass Armor

$ 33.00

Being Badass is walking forward with a knowing; A knowing that is individual to each of us. To be Badass is to ignite your inner fierceness and live it out loud, with no abandon. 

The time is here to unleash your fierce. Let it out and let it roar. Use it as it is your expression of the self to tell the world that you are going to be exactly who you are and nothing can stop you! Look out world, she's here.

Badass is handmade using 8mm silver snake African Trade beads and a 10mm gray crackled Agate gemstone. Agate brings about protection, strength and harmony in balancing the yin/yang energies. It was used by the Ancients on the breastplates of armor to give warriors strength and make them victorious in battle. Energetically, it is considered to give strength in both battle and physically. Definitely badass.

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