Fierce Forward started as a seed of desperation to change my life from not wanting to be here anymore to rising up and creating the life of my dreams. 

In 2010, I hit rock bottom. I was stressed out, unhappy, overweight and living like a zombie. I ate Mexican carryout and watched reruns of Sex & The City to escape from how I was feeling in my life. It all added up to one day when I didn't recognize the girl in the mirror anymore.

That was my wakeup call. I knew that if I wanted to be happy, I needed to do something about it. I knew I needed to put a fierce face on and have the courage to take one step forward for me, every single day.

Attitude and action became what I lived my life by which I called Fierce Forward. This mantra became apart of me. As I started to believe that it was possible to be happy and live a life I was proud of, I kept taking one step forward and over time I started to believe in myself again.

The first year, I lost 40 pounds, left my job in corporate America and became a personal trainer to help other people feel good about themselves. I wanted to help as many people as I could with this mantra that changed my life. In 2010 I started a facebook page and in a couple years it grew to 50k women Fiercing Forward in their lives. A year later, I left my job as a personal trainer to pursue Fierce Forward full time. November 2019 I'm celebrating 7 years in business and 7 years of getting to wake up everyday and help women and myself lead our lives through our own personal power. 

I remember how it felt to be a zombie to life and how painful it was to not be living the life I knew I really wanted to live. To be sleepwalking through my life. I will continue to be the lighthouse to spread the message that at any time, you can choose to stand up, put a stake in the ground and fierce forward for you.

Whether you want to stop being a people pleaser or you want to stand up to someone who hurts you or you want to learn how to be confident in and love yourself or you want to leave your job and pursue something that matters to you...anything is possible. It all starts with opening your eyes and your heart to what you really want and then believing it's possible. Because it is. Damn straight! 

The best way to start your journey of Fiercing Forward for you is to look at the Limitless Bracelets and really think about what intentions you'll wear everyday to take you to that next step forward. Maybe it's Purpose, Committed & Growth or maybe it's Love, Believe & Empower. Only you know what you need to embody to take that next step forward. 

I'm always here, just hit contact below, I'd love to help you start your journey forward ♥︎

xo, Ashley

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