The 2016 Fierce Forward Retreat is now open for signups, signup to come to Vermont and open your fierce heart up HERE!

I know how you feel. Life is challenging and it can take your magic and fierceness from you in the matter of one stressful day. Fierce Forward is about discovering your inner Fierce, creating your Fierce Life and living NOW! Do not take another minute to think if you need this, because we all do. We all need to take an adventure for our selves, we all need to disconnect in order to reconnect to our selves and most importantly, to know that you deserve this because you are so important my fierce love. YOU matter, yes you damn well do! The Fierce Forward Retreats is two days of pure, magical soul searching. We get so lost in the busi-ness of our lives, we forget to breath deep, to take time for ourselves and search ourselves for what we desire and above all, we forget about that girl we know so well, that fierce woman who wants to live a Fierce Life and live it NOW. When you step away and go on an adventure, something shifts. Sometimes, all you need is to come meet your sisters on a soul shifting journey in the middle of the dessert or in the abundance of forest in the fall and just be. That is what this space, this journey of the Fierce Forward Retreat is all about. It is a journey that you will carry with you forever and one that will wake you up to your inner fierceness and to an awareness of how to Create Your Fierce & live your fierce life now. Click here for the 2016 RETREATS.



Do you see it yet? Do you see yourself pressing GO NOW and pulling the trigger on the Fierce Forward Retreat and packing your bags and showing up and meeting other like-minded women who move fiercely forward or who are working to create that for themselves in their lives? Do you see it? I know you do. And if your vision is cloudy, let me tell you that I see it. I see it for you. I believe so fiercely in CREATING that Fierce Life that you want for yourself, in discovering that inner fierceness that already exists within you and in living for you now, right NOW! I believe in you, just as I believe that the women that truly need this for themselves will show up. You will be there because something is pulling you there and you want what your heart wants. Sometimes, all it takes is 10 seconds of insane courage. Do not for one minute believe that you should not be there, that you are not worthy, that you are not worth it...don't do it. I won't let you. YOU are so important and I want you to know that, I want you to rediscover YOU and come home. In the Fierce Forward Retreat, you will come home. You will come home to a community of women we call sisters, you will come home to nature, you will come home to your true desires and you will come home to you.