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The Launch of the NEW Blog & My 3 Tips for the Girl Boss in You!

July 31, 2016

The Launch of the NEW Blog & My 3 Tips for the Girl Boss in You!


You guys, I am SO EXCITED to share all of this with you! This being the new blog, the why behind the new rebranding, my tips for all you girl bosses (let's get real, whether you're working for someone else, a stay at home mom or are currently the boss of your own are a Girl Boss), what I have been journeying through and to have this new space to share and connect with you! Before I get into that, a little background:

"I take with me, the opportunity to create something new"
Rewind to two months ago. I still remember standing up there, in front of forty other peers, with a quartz crystal in my hand (thank you power stone!), not knowing exactly what I was going to say and then as I opened my mouth, the words above came out and I knew it was exactly what I needed from myself. I had been in Houston for the Goal Coaching Certification, that Creates Bold Leaders, and after an intense weekend of digging in to my personal legacy, Susanne (the Founder) asked us to come to the front of the class, take our crystal and tell the class what you will leave behind and what you will take with you from the weekend. The opportunity to create something new. The opportunity to create something new. The entire plane ride home, I thought about what this meant to me, what it could mean and what I really wanted it to mean.

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